Recently, I have gotton addicted to my computer so much so that I basically all my chores on the computer, including but not limited to
telephony (, skype), IM ( MSN, Yahoo ), Bill pay stuff, Videos (, youtube,, and lately, IPTV ( jumptv, vdc, hot-desi, live-tv-from-india, ).  With so many choices and so progress in the digital TV arena, IPTV looks like a hot field. Hopefully, with a better cost benefits and the necessary political and infrastructure support IPTV might become a household thing.


What is IPTV?
Well its just TV using the internet. Unlike the  more traditional Direct Tv dish or comcast cable, IPTV works with any internet service, dsl or cabel based ( dial up is not recommended ).  And provides with lots of benefits of using a computer as your TV like for example automatic DVR capabilities, watching multiple channels simultaneously, etc.
Over the holidays, all my time was using my computer as my TV. We had subscribed to a service ( which lets u watch Indian movies online. It was great. Also we got on various sites which provide streaming Satellite tv for most indian channels.  I was alos able to find one for US based channels, but was not able to play with, since you have to buy some software and I was not very comfortable with that. I think its called ( If not look it up on for free statelite tv). Let me know your experiences with this.

What are the blocking factors?
Well this might get some pressure from the various traditonal providers, or may be they will provide similar service as part of the internet deals. This remains to be seen. Another factor is the network bandwith this will consume if the IPTV does get popular, and will the current infrastructure be able to support this?
I will have to see how local channels will be made available through this service, how a schedule for channels be made available, to various time zones.
I think this kind of service should most cost beneficial to the user, there is basically no infrastructure cost to the media provider, since internet is the medium, and everybody has that. The digital channels, it has advantages that the software provides the necessary feature sets. Example DVR would not cost additional. People already have multiple computers which would now convert into TV, where everybody would be able to watch channels of their choice.
This is a big thing, if the IPTV does get popular, will the current infrastructure be good enough to support this strong bandwith needs?   May be with more better techniques the current infrastructure might just suffice, well this needs to be seen.
Well, good luck IPTV then, you have one new supporter, hopefully there are many more.