Jim Gray a technical fellow at Microsoft, responsible for starting the Microsoft San Francisco Research center. A specialist in database and transaction processing. He received the Prestigious ACM Turing award in 1998 for his contributions to database and transaction processing research. I can go ahead listing his never ending list of achievements, but its enough for now.

Since January, 2007 there is no clue where Jim Gray disappeared. Some think his 40-foot fiberglass cruiser called Tenacious sank, while some don’t rule out that Jim actually sailed away. And I really hope its the later. One day he will come back and say well all this technology you couldn’t still find me.

A nice article in Wired about Jim Gray a legend in database, transactions, large scale data processing who is lost at sea since January’07. This article about the high tech rescue effort that went subsequently.

I have been to couple of his talks and really enjoyed those talks and hope to hear from him soon.

Some references to Jim Gray’s research..