After over 7 years of wondrous time at Actuate, it’s time to say good bye. Overall, it has been a very pleasant experiences, and there is not much for me to complain about. It being my first regular job out of school, was a great learning experience. It provided me several challenging problems to expand my mind. Besides the fact that I got an opportunity to work with so many cool people, who have turned into very good life long friends. In other words, Cool Problems, Great Colleagues.

Then why leave actuate? Well,  I needed a change. Also I had a dream, and hoped that actuate would take me a long way in fulfilling that, yes it did succeed to a certain degree, but not to the extend I had hoped.

Leaving Actuate was a very difficult decision, It did provide me with a sense of security and respect. I had refused several offers earlier to stay with Actuate. However, an Offer from one of the dream companies I have always wanted to work for, was like a wish come true. Hopefully, it will live up to my expectations.

Wish Actuate best of luck in its journey and hope it does well, I still own some equity in Actuate.