As I have taken up this new endeavor of blogging, I will mention briefly about my route to a MS at USC.
After my Bachelors degree, I started working a bit, It was not a very pleasant experience as my education didn’t completely match the work I was involved in, nor did my education provide me with a foundation for particularly any task. At this time my elder brother was in US and my dear friend was planning on moving to US. There was like a small pressure from both of them to consider a MS. After a deep thought, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to miss.
The task of preparing for such a move is difficult. The GREs, TOEFLs, Paperwork, VISA and so many other nitty gritty things just consume you. I finally manage to get through most of them without any difficulty. I got admit into couple of schools, and USC was a simple choice. Beside being a good school, there were people I knew, isn’t that comfortable.
Looking back, coming to US and doing my MS at USC was one of the best decisions in my life and it will have a profound impact on my career and my life. I cannot thank enough for all the help I got on doing that.
USC is a really cool school, ton of resources and good international crowd, your really feel at home. Most of the stuff that I did at USC was new to me, I tried to concentrate more on the networking aspect of Computer Science, even though my major was Electrical Engineering, I hardly did any course purely in EE. USC is an expensive School, I didn’t want to spend lot of money on completing the pre-requisite for a computer Science Degree.
Has it hurt by doing so, I think it has a bit, there are so many aspect of computer science I have missed by doing a EE degree. A CS degree does provide a terrific foundation, which I have missed, and it is a little difficult at times grasping those CS concept. I do spend a lot of time these days trying to understand some of those, If I get an opportunity, I will probably try to finish a CS degree.
I am so glad, that I got this opportunity and would recommend anybody who can, should take up this path.