Hello, Welcome to my blog “A little about everything”. This is a rebirth of my existing blog which existed in several different places before.  I have consolidated those blogs and moved most of the content here.

I am Irfan Bondre, a software engineer at Actuate, Microsoft(outlook.com, Bing Ads). I have been with Microsoft for the last 7 years, building outlook calendar from the ground up and scaling it for hundreds of millions of users.  These days, I work on Bing ads teams helping them enable new scenarios. In Free time I work on some personal projects whenever I get some time away from my hyperactive daughters.

Before Microsoft, I worked for Actuate for about 7 years, right after I finished my MS from USC.

Through this blog, I will report my experiences with work, as I solve some challenging (or simple) problems for my day time job and other personal projects. This is also a canvas for me to talk “… a little about everything…”

I also like to use technology to make my life more productive and effective. Things around organizing my life, prioritize important things and cut through unwanted things. Though I am far from perfect, I work continuously to improvise this. I will blog about the various things I have tried and various other experiences.

On Personal Projects, currently, I am researching, things like backing up various aspects of my digital life in a most cost effective way. Hopefully, I will build a tool around that. I will post those thoughts here as well.

Besides Technology, I Love to play badminton, it is one of my favorite activity. I am also the captain of Microsoft Badminton team, we participate in various tournaments around bay area. In general, I prefer physical activity to watching sports on TV, tough I am a TV addict and hoping to drop that habit one day.

I live with my life wife Wahida and our hyper active daughters Mehvish(6) and Misbah(2). We live in the greater San Francisco bay area.

Feel free to get in touch with me for anything, you think I would be able to help.